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College Features

 The founder of Chang-Gung University, ​Mr. Wang Yung-Ching, devoted himself to the establishment of the Engineering College, with a view to uniting engineering theory and practice and pursuing research excellence. Besides encouraging research, the College invents substantially in teaching facilities. The College also closely liaises with the engineering industry by providing bonded research support, product value-added development, and personnel cultivation / training to meet the industrial needs.

 All full-time faculties of the College have a Ph.D. degree, and more than half have experience in the industry. In order to strengthen the practical training for students, we invited well-experienced technical experts, senior managers and/or executives from enterprises to share their industrial experience in class. Our curriculum encompasses integrated and systematic engineering education, as well as complete theoretical and analytical training. In addition, our practical courses include off-campus internships, term projects, and case studies focusing on problem-solving training.  The ultimate goal is to inspire students and help them develop independent thinking, self-directed learning, problem-solving skills and capabilities. All educational programs in the College are approved and certified by the IEET Engineering and Technology Education Accreditation Board to guarantee the overall quality.

The College also provides comprehensive counseling and consultation services for students.  Our fully-qualified faculty and our caring mentors ensure all students are very well looked after in their daily life. In addition, the College has state-of-the-art equipment and facilities (i.e. software and hardware) to facilitate research activities. Also, we maintain a strong research collaboration with the Formosa Plastics Groups and other enterprises.

The College is on the way to becoming a world class research-oriented university. To meet the needs of the economical development of Taiwan and sustainable development of the university, the College never hesitates to seek out world-leading experts and scientists to join our teaching and research teams In addition, several key research programs were established to encourage faculty members to pursue interdisciplinary research as well as to continually improve our research performance by transforming engineering knowledge into practice. The College now has established three research centers: "Biomedical Engineering Research Center", "Green Technology Research Center", and "High Speed Intelligent Communication Research Center". These research centers support the faculty’s access to research grants and cooperation with other world-leading universities and institutes.

 Chang-Gung University graduates should possess eight core competencies:

  1. Knowledge in using mathematics, science and engineering theories.
  2. Ability in design, implementation, analysis, and interpretation of experiments.
  3. Technical skill development and analysis of engineering practice.
  4. Ability in the design of engineering system, product components, and manufacturing process.
  5. Ability in effective communication and teamwork.
  6. Ability in excavation, analysis and problem solving.
  7. Understanding the impact of contemporary and social/ global environmental issues and developing self-directed learning capacities.
  8. Understanding professional ethics and social responsibility.